Er Pradeep Kumar Sinha
Sinha Sir (with you since 6 years)
Sinha Mathematics Classes

Sinha Mathematics Classes has been surging ahead on the success track and has distinguished itself by setting up a new standard in the world of competitive education since 2017. It is an Institution of knowledge under the aegis of Mr. Pradeep Kumar Sinha for imparting the quality education for the students of XI & XII, IIT-JEE.

Sinha Mathematics Classes is structured on the principle of consistency and hardwork and believes in scientific approach based on perfect planning and proper guidance. Student’s overall development and splendid success is our prime concern.

its unique working schedule, pre-planning of complete syllabus, and its strict implementation, personal attention to every student, perfect working pattern, sincere and devout teachers, regular Unit-Tests, IIT-JEE Pattern-wise preparation of every question paper, etc. has produced altogether a number of merit holders in IIT JEE 2017 at Sinha Mathematics Coaching Classes.

Our Mission:
Our mission is to provide quality education to the students and to help them to excel in their studies. The motto of our classes “Education for Excellence” inspires us to achieve, create conducive atmosphere for the students to learn their lessons well. In addition, through our classroom teaching services, students develop a deeper love of learning and gain more self-confidence.